Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Graf # 3

Inventory of my Purse

-Pink Camera
-Small Note Pad
-A 2011-2012 planner
-Iparty Coupon
-Wal-Mart receipt
-A package of Ice Breakers Gum
-EMCC Book store receipt
-3fl oz Bath and Body works Country Chic body lotion
-Circle K Gas receipt
1 fl oz Bath and Body Work Island nectar Anti bacterial
-Soft lips french vanilla Lip
-3 pens
-3 fl oz Bath and Body Works Country Chic Body spray
-Set of keys
By reading this inventory you can tell that this Person obviously has a big purse.   It looks like she hasn't clean it out in quite awhile with all the receipts that she has.  By looking at the receipts you can tell that she goes to school at EMCC.  You can also tell by looking in her purse that she likes to smell good.  You can tell by finding the gum in her purse that she likes to have fresh smelling breath.  By the gas receipt and set of keys you can tell that she owns a car.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Graf #2

Have you ever had a teacher pick on you all through your classes?  I have and that is why to this day I try to take online classes.   I have always been a shy person and have never liked talking in front of large crowds.   When I was in high school I was in a math class with a lot of smart kids and let’s just say it took me a little longer then everyone else to pick up on the lessons.     It never failed every class he would call on me and make me feel like I was stupid.  There would be other student’s in the class that weren’t paying attention but that didn’t matter.   .
Every day I had his class I would wake up being depressed knowing that I was going to have to go sit in his class and pretty much be made fun of. Even when I went to talk to him about it he would just say "oh, I’m not meaning to I'll try to be more careful about it." But yet every class it was the same way.  The worst part was not only was he my math teacher but he was almost my basketball coach.    
This is why he was my worst teacher and why when I go to classes I get more worked up then I should.         

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Graf # 1

I have small tan, dry hands with long slender fingers.  My nails are trimmed in a square shape and are somewhat long with clear polish, you would even see some hang nails.  I have an engagement ring on my left ring finger and a birthstone ring on my right. If I were to take my engagement ring off you would see a tan like from tanning and not taking off my ring.  I have big knuckles with wrinkles all around them.   On the top of my right hand you would see a scar from a curling iron burn.  I also have big veins sticking out on the top of my hands.  Now if you were to look at my palm you wouldn’t see much besides lines and a couple of blisters from doing physical work without wearing gloves.