Sunday, August 28, 2011

Graf # 1

I have small tan, dry hands with long slender fingers.  My nails are trimmed in a square shape and are somewhat long with clear polish, you would even see some hang nails.  I have an engagement ring on my left ring finger and a birthstone ring on my right. If I were to take my engagement ring off you would see a tan like from tanning and not taking off my ring.  I have big knuckles with wrinkles all around them.   On the top of my right hand you would see a scar from a curling iron burn.  I also have big veins sticking out on the top of my hands.  Now if you were to look at my palm you wouldn’t see much besides lines and a couple of blisters from doing physical work without wearing gloves.  


  1. That's definitely a comprehensive physical description. Now imagine a detective was looking at your hands--what conclusions could the detective come up with from the collection of details you give here?

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