Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Complete Cause Essay

Ever plan a wedding in 4 months? It’s definitely not the easiest thing in the world and is stressful at times but in the end it will all be worth it.   My boyfriend and I chose to get married in October because fall is my favorite season.  Let me make it clear that it wasn’t that easy to convince my boyfriend that October was a good time to get married.  See he’s a big hunting man and doesn’t like skipping hunting but where it was only bird season I was able to talk him into it.  I love the cool weather and beautiful colors of the leaves in October. That brings us to why we chose orange for our weddings colors and not to mention that it will match the colors of the leaves when we take outdoor photos.    It worked out good because that was my boyfriends favorite color so we didn’t have to argue about that.     My sister is actually getting married 28 days before me and she chose orange as one of her colors to.  Hers was more of a bright orange then what I chose.  Don’t get me wrong though it was still a beautiful color.  My boyfriend was looking for a job out of state since there are not many job opportunities around here and it would have been hard and very stressful to plan a wedding and live out of state.   We had already been engaged for over a year and could afford to plan a wedding so we decided there was no better time to do it. 
            Don’t get me wrong this whole planning thing hasn’t been easy.   When we first started planning our wedding I was stressed about everything.   For instance what are some fall wedding colors? How much should we set for a budget? And how many people should we invite.  After doing a lot of research I found a website that that tells you everything you need to know about a wedding.   It even has a countdown to your wedding.   It was definitely that most helpful site that I’ve found in a long time.  Next time a friend gets married I will be able to help her out from being stressed and help enjoy her wedding planning more than I did when we first started out.

Outro Graf

So I finally figured out where to go to find all the answers to my questions.  It’s a website called The Knot.  The website is awesome it gives you wedding color ideas, example of flowers and cakes.  It also gives you ideas of songs for your first dance, cake cutting, and anniversary and even for when you throw the bouquet and garter.  The website even gives you vendors in your area.  The biggest thing that helped me was the checklist that they had on the website.  I was so overwhelmed with everything and was afraid I was missing important stuff that we needed.   I wish I would have found this website a lot sooner it would of  made wedding planning simple and helped me from stressing.   Next time a friend gets married I will be able give her ideas and tell her about the website and help keep her from stressing.  You only get married once and you don’t want to stress the whole time you want to enjoy it.   

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Reaction to sample classification

I read about the girl that worked for Mountain Springs.  Her job was to call people and offer free water testing to qualified home owners.  I’m a shy kind of person so this job definitely wouldn’t be a job for me.  I hate when they call me so I wouldn’t want to call anyone and bug them.  I would also think that when she told the customers that it was free that they would realize nothing is free and that there’s always a cost for everything.  I wouldn’t be able to sit down in a office all day and call people I’m more of a person that likes to be outside or doing something physical.  I don’t know how she deals with all the rude people that she talks to throughout the day. I don’t understand why people just can’t say there not interested instead of being rude and pretending they can’t hear them.   I did learn something from the story though.  I learned to research the businesses more when I apply places. 

Graf # 15

My reaction on the previous assignment was that it was kind of confusing.  I know you had to answer three questions for both the intro 1 and intro 2.  I thought in the outro draf you just had to add intro 1 and 2 together and add a ending. Once again I was wrong.   There were a couple of times that I thought to myself did I make the right decision about this?  For instance did I chose the right colors for the bridesmaids dresses? Should I have had the maid of honor in a different color?  And will the entire orange clash together?

Isearch Plan

I plan on looking for my answers online and in magazines.  I can see myself running into a couple of problems such as finding out what an appropriate budget is since everyone’s income is different and some people can afford more than others.  Another problem I see myself running into is can I have two flower girls? I Know you should have at lease one but it two to many? Since my wedding is only a month away there will be some answers to the questions that I already know.  

What you already know about your isearch question

I have looked into where I can find a cheaper dress and I have found a couple of places that have some cheaper dresses, but when I mean cheaper I mean $ 50 cheaper.   Then I would have to travel an hour to get fitted every time it had to be done so in the long ride it was just as cheap to get one from the town I’m from and pay a little more.  Every wedding I have been to has had flower girls, but not all of them has had a ring barrier.  After looking at the average price that people pay for their wedding I’ve noticed that I should try to stay around $10,000.  I know it’s suppose to be a special day and you  only have one but I also believe that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to make it special.   

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Intro Graf # 2

Three reasons why I chose my wedding colors are first of all orange is my favorite color.  The second reason I chose it was because it matches the colors of the leaves when they start changing and we have leaves for the runner.   Another reason is because my sister got married 28 days before me and she also had orange as one of her wedding colors and we are able to share some of the wedding decorations. 

Intro Graf #1

Three reasona why I chose to get married in October is fall is my favorite season.  I love the cool weather and beautiful colors of the leaves.  Another reason is my boyfriend was looking for a job out of state and it would have been hard and very stressful to plan a wedding and live out of state.   The last reason I chose a October wedding is because we had already been engaged for over a year and could afford to plan a wedding so we decided there was no better time.   

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Background Topic

I don’t have much of a back ground for weddings.   I was actually a flower girl when I was little but don’t remember much of it.   Last year I was in a wedding and I have to admit there was a lot about weddings that I didn’t know.  I knew that the bride had a bridal shower where she gets gifts from pots and pans to home décor.  I learned that the maid of honor is the one that usually throws the bridal shower for the bride.  I also learned that they have a rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner for everyone in the wedding party.   The two weddings I have been to have been totally different, one of them that I went to everyone was there long enough to eat and see the first dance and garter toss, and there was no dancing which I thought was a big part of a wedding.  The 2nd one I went to there was a lot of people and everyone ate and stayed for a long time to dance and have fun.   There is a lot of planning that goes into a wedding from which DJ to choosing   what kind of cake  you want.  

Isearch motivations and questions

My motivation for choosing planning a wedding is because I’m getting married in a month and there’s still a lot left to plan.
-How many people is the right amount of people to invite?
                -Is there a right amount?
-How do you pick the wedding colors?
                -Can you have more than two colors?
-How many flower girls can I have?
                -Do you need flower girls?
-Can you have more than one maid of honor?   
                -How do you pick your maid of honor
-How much should you spend on flowers?
                -Can you make them yourself to save money?
-How much is too much to spend on a wedding?
                -Can you spend too much?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Graf # 13

I read falling in love.  There were parts that I agreed with and there were parts that I disagreed with.  I agree dishonesty is a big problem in relationships.  There are times when people keep important things to their self’s because they know it would have a big impact on their relationship.  But at the same time it will bother them to keep it all in.   I also agree that every relationship starts off wonderful, going out all the time, getting butterfly’s every time you see each other.  I disagree  that it usually ends in pain.  I have been with my b/f for almost 7 years and am just as happy and in love now as I was when we first got together.  I have learned that in every relationship that you both have to work to keep the spark going.  

Graf # 11

Something that I’ve had to really research is weather or not I should buy a new car.  I already had a car that worked but had a couple or problems that would cost around $500 to fix.  First of  all I had to think about which kind of car I wanted that I could afford and that fit my lifestyle.  Do I travel a lot? Do I need a car good on gas? Another thing I had to think about was how much insurance would be and could I afford it and still be able to go out and have fun.   Do I really want a monthly payment.
                After I thought about it all I decided I would pay the $500 to get my old car fixed it’s good on gas and I don’t have any monthly payments.   

Graf # 10

When I noticed I had to write about a person I knew right away who I was going to write about.  My mom is my hero. Whenever I'm in trouble she’s there to help me, weather its guy trouble or just needing someone to vent to. 
My mother is the best mom anyone could ask for. I'm not an only child so things can get very expensive and even though we
 aren’t made of money she tries 
her best to give us everything we want and need.  She works long hours to make sure we have food on the table and all the other necessities we need.  Whenever I'm sick I can count on her to take care of me. 

Graf # 9

Do you have an object that means more to you than anything in the world? I actually have a couple of very special objects.   My grandfather passed away July 2, 2010 and 9 months later my grandmother passed away.   They were the only grandparents I have had since I was little.   With the pants that my grandfather had we have a teddy bear made out of it.  I keep it next to my bed and every time I look at it I think of him and all of them memories that I have of him.   My grandmother had silk pants that I had a garter and handkerchief made out of it.  The garter means a lot to me; I’m getting married in October and wanted to have something of hers to have with me.   

Graf # 12

Ever had a place you could go when something was bothering you or you just need to be alone for awhile? I do, it’s a place where no one else knows about.  It’s nothing special; it’s just a little rock by the river.  But it’s a place where I can go that’s quite. The good part is that where it’s by the river I can take a fishing pole and go fishing whenever I want.  The only bad thing is that I have to walk about a mile to get there, and it’s not somewhere you can go during the winter.  

Friday, September 2, 2011

Graf #8

The Isearch paper I read was about a little boy that didn’t have a desire to talk.  They were concerned  that they weren’t doing everything that they need to help him verbally.  I  agree I would be concerned also if my almost three year old wasn’t talking much, but I also think that now a day’s people see all of these or kids talking and doing all kinds of stuff earlier than normal and think that there kid should be too.  Sometimes I think the parent’s try to hard to get them to talk, walk or whatever they want them to do that they don’t realize that they will do everything on their time and when they’re ready.   I have a friend that had the same problem except she wasn’t saying anything.  She had a little girl that was 2 ½ that wasn’t talking and everyone thought she should be.  She also brought her to the pediatrician and they told her the same thing that it wasn’t anything to worry about right now.  A lot of her problem was that she wasn’t around  little kids, she was alone with her grandmother all day and didn't hear a lot of people talking.    

Graf # 7

Scarp booking
House hunting
Brides Maids
Flower Girls
Wedding Gown
Best Man
Maid of Honor
Mother of the Bride
Wedding Magazines
Wedding Rings
Reception Hall

Where can I get a pretty much affordable wedding gown?
Do I need a flower girl?
How many people do you invite to a wedding?
When do you have to book a photographer?
How much is the right amount to spend on a wedding gown?
When do you book the reception hall? 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Graf # 5

I’m 23 but will be 24 on September 30th.   I have 2 tattoos one that is on my ankle and another one that is on my foot.   I have my nose, belly button and ears pierced. I actually have 9 holes in my ears. I hate clowns, which is kind of weird there suppose to be nice and funny right? Well that's what everyone thinks, but not me, I am petrified of them.  I don’t eat cheese and won’t drink milk.  I have been dating my fiancé for six and a half years and will be getting married on October 15, 2011.  I’m a very shy person and hate to speak in front of large crowds.  I don’t have any grandparent’s still living.  I lost two of them to Alzheimer’s.  I stress over things that I have no control over.  I have 3 sisters and which one is my twin, we were born one minute apart.  

Graf # 5

 When I first looked into the I-search I noticed you write more from the personal view I also noticed it’s kind of like other brain storming writing that I have done before.  There are steps that you have to follow.  When I write I normally, first figure out what I’m going to write about.  From there I get ideas that I am going to incorporate into my essay.  From there I figure out where I want to put everything and make sure that I don’t repeat myself.  When it comes down  to it there are many ways to write an essay but I think  whatever works best for  the individual is the way  they should choose to write it.  

Graf # 4

I feel I get to stressed trying to make everything perfect when the truth of the matter is that I haven’t had a English class since I graduated high school in 2006, and that’s why I’m taking this class.  I feel like I take more time trying to figure out what I should write about then I do to write just because I want to make sure it’s good.  I try my hardest to make sure everything’s the way its suppose to be  so I’ll pass this class but  what looks good to me doesn’t mean it’s going  to be good enough for the teacher.