Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Graf # 3

Inventory of my Purse

-Pink Camera
-Small Note Pad
-A 2011-2012 planner
-Iparty Coupon
-Wal-Mart receipt
-A package of Ice Breakers Gum
-EMCC Book store receipt
-3fl oz Bath and Body works Country Chic body lotion
-Circle K Gas receipt
1 fl oz Bath and Body Work Island nectar Anti bacterial
-Soft lips french vanilla Lip
-3 pens
-3 fl oz Bath and Body Works Country Chic Body spray
-Set of keys
By reading this inventory you can tell that this Person obviously has a big purse.   It looks like she hasn't clean it out in quite awhile with all the receipts that she has.  By looking at the receipts you can tell that she goes to school at EMCC.  You can also tell by looking in her purse that she likes to smell good.  You can tell by finding the gum in her purse that she likes to have fresh smelling breath.  By the gas receipt and set of keys you can tell that she owns a car.

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  1. This does the job--a nicely detailed list that leads very clearly to the explanatory paragraph.