Friday, December 2, 2011

Essay 10

What makes a person decide they want a dog?  I mean people don’t just wake up and decided they want a dog right?  When I looked into getting a dog there were three main things that I looked into before deciding to get a dog.  First of all I started off by asking myself why I want a dog.   Is it just to say I have one?  The second question I asked myself was am I home enough to have one?  The last and most important question I asked myself was can I afford one?   Will I be able to provide it with food and anything other important he or she may need to survive.  
                When I first thought about getting a dog I asked myself why I want a dog.  Is it just so I can say I have one and to show off to people and to ignore when no one is around? There are a lot of people that have dogs that ignore them that leave them tied outside all the time even  in bad weather. 
                Before getting a dog I wanted to make sure I would be home enough.  I didn’t want to get a dog and put it in a cage all day when I’m gone.  Don’t get me wrong I think it’s ok to train you dog in a cage but don’t think they should be put in a cage all day everyday well people are gone.  They need time to run around and blow off some energy. 
                The most important thing I had to think about before getting a dog was will I be able to afford a dog.  A dog has needs like a person.  They need to be fed and groomed at least once every two months.  They have to be licensed, neutered and have shots that all add up and can be quite expensive.  Along with all the unexpected emergencies that could happen. 
                Those are some of the things that I took in to consideration before getting a dog.  I wouldn’t want to just run out and get a dog just because I think they would be fun and then find out I couldn’t afford it and have to give it back after getting attached to it.   After thinking about all of these responsibly of getting a dog I decided I had time and could afford one.  I know have a golden doodle named gunner.  

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