Friday, December 2, 2011

Cause Essay Re-do

There were many different ideas that went through my husbands and I heads when picking our wedding date. For example do we want to have to worry about it snowing and people not being able to attend our wedding, do we want to be able to use bright summer colors or do we want to get married in the spring when the snow is starting to melt and it’s starting to warm up.
When we were deciding on our wedding day we really thought we wanted a winter wedding. At the same time we can to realize that we live in Maine that one day it could be sunny and bright out and the next minute we could be having a blizzard. Therefore there could be a chance that we could have a snow storm on our wedding day and no one would be able to attend.
Another idea that went through our heads was did we want to use bright colors such as pink, orange, yellow and lime green as our colors. If we were to choose to have our wedding in the summer those were the colors we would have had to use. Since you very well can’t use dark colors in the summer. So If we wanted more of the darker colors wouldn’t be able to have a summer wedding.
The last thing that went through our heads were whether or not we wanted to get married in the spring where the weather is more cooler and manageable, but is also when the snows melting and everything’s muddy. The big question is did we want to have to worry about getting muddy before we get married and did we want to have outdoors pictures we bare trees in the background.
After we talked about what we wanted we decided we would have a fall wedding when it wouldn’t be too hot and people would be comfortable. A good thing about having a fall wedding is all the pretty colors of the leaves that will be changing and all the wonderful pictures that will come along with it. We also decided that even though we really wanted a winter wedding it was more important to have our loved ones present to witness our special day, and wasn’t willing to take the change of having a snow storm and not having them there. That is why we decided to make the decided to have a Fall wedding.

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  1. This makes sense: reasons why you went for the fall wedding, reasons why the other options and seasons did not work. Glad to take it.