Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Example Essay 2

When my husband and I moved into together after we got married I did a lot for him.  I cooked him supper every night, I made sure he had clean clothes and if we needed something I would make sure he got it.  From much of my surprise he now thinks I’m going to do everything for him.
                What started off by just cooking for my husband every night to make a good impression since it was the first time we had lived together but much to my surprise he now expects me to cook for him every night? It’s just not small meals that he expects either it’s a big four course meal. 
                Another surprise that I’ve had since I’ve been married is doing his laundry.  I’ve started off by doing his laundry just because I wanted to make sure he had clean clothes to work in and he’s never done laundry himself since his mother has always done it.    That was a big surprise to me; he’s 24 and has never done his own laundry. 
                Weather he needed me to look for something that he couldn’t find or just running to the store to get something that he needed I would do it.  Again it was mostly because we had just moved in together and I wanted to make a good impression.  Have you ever heard of the saying looking with your eyes closed?  Well I think that’s how he looks.  For example our food cupboard is full of food and my husband was looking for chips and they were right there in front of him but yet he still couldn’t find them and I had to get up and get them for him. 
                I guess I have a lot to learn when it comes to doing everything for your husband.  Maybe I should have talked to my sister who had just got married a month before us and moved in with her husband.   Maybe she could have told me thing to do and not to do, or maybe it’s just going to be something that I will have to learn on my own.  

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  1. The three big surprises of marriage--well, I hope they don't get any worse than these. Definitely an example essay--you could push the details harder in grafs 2/3/4 but the idea and structure works and there's a real outro.

    I'll take it.