Friday, November 4, 2011

In Class example Essay

I’ve always wondered how anyone can live without a dog.   I have grown up with dogs all around me but I must say I have had three favorite dogs.   There were a golden retriever named Fred an Austrian shepherd named Bumpy and a Pomeranian named Zoe.    Don’t get me wrong I loved all my dogs I’ve just had my favorites.  There are many reasons why there were my favorite dogs.  All of them but one has passed away. 
                Fred also known as Freddy I had when I was a little girl.  He was a gift from my uncle.  He was my very first dog.   Fred was very good with us he practically let us to whatever we wanted to with him which doesn't really surprise me golden retrievers are normally good with kids.  When I got home from school he would be waiting at the door for us to come in.  He would chase us around the yard and we use to think it was funny.   He knew when I was upset and would come to comfort me he lived a long and happy life. 
                Bumpy was a real family dog and loved to be around people.   He was definitely an active dog and liked running around outside.  We would go outside every day that it wasn’t raining and of course doing the winter and I would throw him his Frisbee.  He was almost as bad as a kid he liked to be cuddled and always had to be touching me when he laid down and never liked to be out of my sight.  About two years ago on the day after Christmas we had some friends show up and he was excited and jumping around like he normally did and all of a sudden he just dropped dead.  No one knows what happen they say it could have been something he was born with. 
                Zoe is only a 10 pound dog so she hasn’t very big but she has a heart of old.  She isn’t as active as most dogs but she gentle with little kids. She   lives with my parents now since I got married and moved out but when I lived home she would always like sitting in the chair with me during the day when I did homework or was just watching TV.    Zoe wasn’t my dog she is my sisters.  My grandparents gave it to her for her birthday, so it’s a big part of our lives.  Both of my grandparents passed away and that’s all we have left of them. 
                Those are a few reasons why those dogs were my favorite.  Dogs leave a big spot on your hearts even after they are gone.  I have learned a lot from my dogs such as they have a lot of energy to burn and are a lot of work but they are worth every minute of your time no matter whether they are a 10 pound dog or a 70 pound dog.  I never realized how much a dog could feel like your kid until recently.  My husband and I just bought a golden doodle and definitely feels like our kid and is as much work as a kid.  We buy him toys all the time and never leave him home alone. 

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  1. Works for me, amanda--it does walk the tightrope between cause essay and example essay, but you have definitely given three examples of important dogs and detailed their qualities. Glad to take it.