Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Process Essay

There is a process I take every time my house needs to be clean.  How I start cleaning my house all depends on what has to be done.  If laundry has to be done then I start that first.  Then from there I move onto dishes.    From there I go onto the biggest part of cleaning, washing the floors.  To me it’s the worst part of cleaning but it has to be done right?  Don’t get me wrong there are many more steps in between but they are just little things that only take a few minutes to do. When I start out cleaning my goal is making the house look and smell   a lot better than it did before I started. 
                I start with the laundry first since I don’t normally do laundry everyday and by the time I do it  we  have at least three loads to do.  The first step I take  when I wash laundry is filling the washer with cold water.  As it’s filling with water I add a cup of purex laundry detergent.  I put the laundry detergent in before I put the clothes in so it gives time for the water and soap to mix up and from my experience you get more bubbles which means cleaner clothes right?    After the washer is filled with water I add the clothes and wait about 20 minutes for the clothes to be washed and put what can go in the dryer in the dyer, and stuff that needs to be put on a drying rack on the rack.  For example jeans, sweatshirts and certain shirts.    I start the laundry first since it takes the longest to do. 
                My second step to cleaning the house is doing the dishes.  I start by plugging one side of the sink to keep the water from draining.  I leave the other side empty so I can rinse the soap off the clean dishes.  After the sink is full I take my 30 oz of ultra gain soap and add a dime size about to the side with the water.  I put all the dirty dishes left side of the side which is the side next to all the water.  I put a couple of different dirty dishes in at a time.  After I wash them I put them in the side without water till I have enough to rinse.  After I rinse them I put them in the drying rack until they are ready to be put away.   
                My final step to cleaning my house is washing the floors.  First I start by moving all the furniture that can be moved.  From there I sweep the entire floor to make sure I’m not just pushing the dirt around.  Once the floor is sweep I get into my closet and get my wet jet and wet pads that on the bottom on the wet jet.  After I have the wet pad on the wet jet I wash the entire floor.  Once that is dry I put all the furniture back. 
                It doesn’t sound like a lot of work but it definitely is.  Laundry is the worse part just because you have to fold it as soon as it comes out of the dryer so you don’t it lying around everywhere.  It doesn’t normally take me to long to do dishes since I don’t allow the sink to get to full before I wash them.  To me a sink for of dishes makes your house look ten more dirty then it really is.  After the floor is washed it looks like a brand new floor. Once I’m doing cleaning, my house smells awesome and my goal is accomplished.  

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  1. Glad to take this--very definitely a process piece, nicely detailed and individualized, clear outcome. Nice!