Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Process Essay

There is a process I take every year when it’s time to put up our Christmas tree.   First I have to clean a place for the tree, second I have to get the tree and my last is to get all the ornaments for the tree.  My goal is to make my tree look better than the previous year.
                This year is a little different from previous years.  This is my husbands and I’s first Christmas living together.  The first step we took to putting our tree up was cleaning a place for our tree, which in our case means having to mean future.  Our living room is very small it’s about 12x 12 but it’s open and you can see into the kitchen and dining room.   We have a 51 inch TV that was in the left corner that we had to move to the middle of the back wall so the tree could go in the corner where the TV was.    We got lucky and didn’t have to move too much.  From there were had to sweep since there were a lot of dust were the TV previously was. 
                From there we go to the basement and drag up the Christmas tree.  The Christmas tree is stored in a big red bag and is about 25 pounds which makes it kind of hard to carry up the stairs so it takes two to carry up.   After we got the tree up from the basement we have to unzip the bag and start putting the tree up piece by piece.  After the tree is up we put the lights on.  When it comes to the lights we have a system we use.   My husband and I stand to different sides of the tree is pass the clear lights back and forth till the lights are covering the tree completely.  We use three set of lights to cover the whole tree. 
                The third and final step is to go back down to the basement and get the red and green storage box of ornaments.    When we get them up from the basement we take the cover off and start placing the ornaments on the tree one by one.   We use silver and blue glitter ornaments and plan silver and blue ornaments.  We cover the tree completely so there is very little empty space on the tree.
                It sounds like a fast and easy process but it doesn’t take up a lot of time.  The longest process is putting the ornaments on the tree but it is all worth it in the end.  This year was extra special since it was the first time my husband had our own tree.  The best part of all is that its quality time just my husband and I spent together.   At the end of the day when were sitting with just the tree lit up its clear to see that I have meat my goal of having a better tree then the previous year, not because its prettier but because it’s just how we wanted it.  

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  1. The process description is very nicely done, as is the ending, which is very strong. Weakness: the first graf which really needs some kind of hook to draw the reader in--a story, a visual, something like that.

    But, overall this works, and I will take this as is, no rewrite necessary.