Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Classification Essay #2

In my four months of planning a wedding a being in two different weddings I have realized the wedding gown is the most important part of a wedding to the women.  There are many different styles of wedding gowns for example there is A-line, fit-n-flare and mermaid. 
             If you shaped like an hour glass and have a big chest, big hips and tiny waist then A-line is going to look the best on you.  A-line is going to show off you figure.  The A-line dress is fitted around the hips and flows out to the ground.  A-line can hide a rounder lower body. 
            Mermaid style is a sexier style that highlights your curves.  It fit tightly to just below you hips then flares out.  Normally people who are confident with their body and are slender, short and even tall women can pull this dress off.
            Another wedding gown style is a Ball gown.  A Ball gown has a full skirt it can be either one piece or separate.  Slender and pair shaped women can pull the ball gown off best.   The ball gown is normally for traditional weddings and can be paired with either a long veil or white long gloves. 
            After researching different kinds of wedding gowns I have found out which style is good for my body type.  I learned which dress is going to show off my body the most.   Knowing all of this is going to help me find the perfect wedding gown and made my wedding day perfect.  

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  1. But, oh good heavens, amanda, we get all the way to the end and you don't tell the reader in graf 5which type gown you actually wore???

    I'll take this for the clear organization, but it's really a shame to miss an easy lay-up like that.