Monday, October 3, 2011

Intro #1 to Classification

Every girl dreams about their wedding day all there life.  There are many things that go into planning a wedding such as where to have the wedding? What do you want your wedding colors to be?  Where should you get your wedding flowers that won’t leave you broke?  Everyone wants there day to be perfect and but also don’t want to go broke trying to pay for it.  From what I have looked into planning my wedding I have realized that you can get anything you want as long  you look at different places for everything, I noticed that some places have the same exact thing but much cheaper than other stores. 

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  1. The one on dresses sets up classification, but this one on flowers doesn't or not that clearly--are you going to write about three types of florist? Cheap, expensive, inbetween? I'd go with dresses, I think.