Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Contrast Essay

Well I have been living with my husband for about three weeks and been married for a little over a week.  As one of the first things to get as husband and wife we decided to get a dog.  I’ve always wanted a golden doodle which is a mix between a golden retriever and a poodle and my husband didn’t care what we got so we got a golden doodle.  His name is Gunner.  After spending just one day with him I noticed a huge difference in the way a golden doodle and Austrian Shepherd which my parents have act.
                My golden doodle is four months and doesn’t do much. He just likes cuddle, he has to always been in eye sight view.   My parents Austrian Shepherd is a year and half and is always hyper.  The Austrian shepherd barks at everything.   If he hears a little noise he barks, when he sees someone walking by the house he barks.  He also likes to be outside all the time.
                Another difference between a golden doodle and Austrian shepherd is that a golden doodle is more laid back and calm and just likes to lie around.   Austrian shepherd is dog you have to have to run a lot.   If they don’t run a lot they get hyper and run around the their house jumping on stuff. 
                Finally the biggest difference I noticed was that a Austrian shepherd is more protective.  With a golden doodle you can touch other kids and they don’t go after the child to make sure your not hurting him or her. With my parents Austrian shepherd if you were to pick a kid up even if it was just to hold them or give them a hug he will jump on the child and sometimes he even bites them trying to get them away from adults. 
                Maybe all the differences are because of the age difference and maybe our golden doodle is just getting to know his new environment since we’ve only had him for a day and a half.  And who knows maybe he will get more energy and will like to run around outside more.  

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  1. There you go--you set this up nicely, clearly contrast, each graf doing its thing (though there's overlap between 2 & 3). It would be stronger with more detail, the kind oyou offer in graf 4, but I'm happy to take this as is. All done!