Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Classification Essay

             Who knew planning a wedding would be so much work?  Everyone said that it wasn’t going to easy and that it would be stressful at times.   I told them that they were crazy and that I could have it planned in 4 months.  Let’s just say it wasn’t as easy as I thought and it was definitely stressful at times, but don’t get me work I wouldn’t change a thing.   There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding for example finding a florist that you can afford but still does a awesome job, choosing your wedding colors and finding the perfect dress.       I have found that trying to plan a wedding on a small budget is hard.  You want you’re wedding to be one that no one will ever forget but you still want to stay within your budget because when the day comes, it’s not about how much money you spent, it’s about whether or not your day was what you dreamed it would be.                               
           Every girl dreams about their wedding day all there life.       After doing some research I have noticed that you can get everything you want for you won’t for your wedding weather you have a big or small budget.   You just have to look harder for what you want in different places.  For example we invited 250 so we are having a pretty big wedding so when it came to favors we need a lot and it took a lot from our budget.  After looking at A.C Moore, Jo Ann fabric, Oriental Trading and eBay and found that eBay was the way to go.  If you do it right you also get free shipping.
           The feeling you can when you watch couples in love is a wonderful feeling.  Although I haven’t been to many weddings in my life time and actually being in process of planning one myself one of the most important part of getting married  is the dress, well to the women always.  Every girl wants the perfect dress and wants there husband to be to be speechless when they first see them walking down the aisle.  That’s why I have looked into which dress would be perfect for me.  While researching all of the dresses I found out that there are many different styles and colors you can get.  You can get short ones, long ones, white once and ivory ones. 
        When looking into purchasing a wedding gown I looked into many things.  For example what am I looking for in a dress and where am I getting married.   For instance if I was getting married on a beach I would get a less fancy gown instead of a ball gown.  Since I wasn’t getting married on a beach I looked into more of the fancy looking gowns.  Let’s just say when I walked into the bridal bouquet I was shocked I didn’t know there was that many different styles of gowns to chose from.    There’s A-line/princess, mermaid, empire, column and ball gown.  The hard part is to find out what style looks the best on you.  I tried on many different styles of dresses on until I found the style that I liked the best.  After trying on many different dresses I am happy to say that I found the dress that I love and can’t wait to walk down the aisle in.   The perfect dress to me in one that when you first look in the mirror brings tears to your eyes, one that takes your breath away  and the one  you want to see your fiancé when you want down the aisle.  
               Well my wedding day is 4 days away and it’s very stressful time.  Trying to remember everything we need and hoping we don’t forget anything and making sure we get everything done on time.  I’m just hoping my day is as wonderful as I’ve always dreamed.  

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  1. Please use a standard type font from here on--this font is hard to read.

    I'm confused. Is this part of your isearch or your classification essay?

    It could certainly work for your isearch, but I don't get what it is you are classifying here. Different types of wedding dresses by price? Or different types by style? Something like that would work, but that's not what's here. What you've done is give us an intro about budgets, another graf about where to go to keep costs down, another graf about dress styles (and this graf 3 reads like an intro), another graf on styles that reads like three grafs of support summarized in one graf, and then an outro.

    So, as I say, I am confused. In any case, I know I can't take this yet and it needs a rewrite.