Friday, October 21, 2011

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How I trained my two dogs to stay in the yard, not to bark all the time and not to jump.  I have two dogs ones a 70 pound Austrian shepherd and the other a 10 pound Pomeranian.  The Austrians shepherd name is Trapper and the Pomeranian‘s is Zoe.  Trapper is 1 year old and Zoe is 10. 
                I have always been interested in training dogs and my dogs definitely needed some training so I did some research and found a couple of ways to train your dog not leave your yard.   I searched online how to keep your dogs in the yard and found an interesting tip.   It said to put a leash on your dog and walk them around the edges of your yard.   It said to repeat it a couple of times. 
                On the same website I found out another interesting tip.  I found out that dogs bark for a reason.  It may be annoying at times but there are many reasons why they bark for instance they bark because it’s a warning/ alert that something may be wrong, they bark because of anxiety. They bark when they’re excited and bored.  After reading about how important it is for them to bark I realized I could deal with it.
                We have had a couple of accidents with our Austrian Shepherd jumping on people when they first walk into our house. Trapper isn’t a small dog so if the visitors weren’t ready he would really knock them over.    This is why I decided to find out how to keep it from jumping.  The first thing I learned was never to reward your dog after jumping.  I also learned that when you dog jumps on you to turn you body the other way and do not make eye contact.  You can also try saying down instead of sit down because when you say sit down there going to think you want them to lie down and of course there not going to want to lay down when they’re excited. 
                I’m happy to say after training trapper he no longer left the yard even when people were walking by even when little kids would ride by on their bikes and that was a big problem before I started training him.   He still barked but after knowing why he barked it didn’t bother me as much.  He still jumped once in awhile when he got really excited but was nothing like he was before I started training him.   As for Zoe I think she might have been too old to train she wouldn’t stay in the yard but she didn’t bark too often and she never jumped on people.  

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  1. Nope, sorry, save this to work on when we do process essays--instructions were to do a contrast essay this week. I don't see much contrast being made between the two dogs until maybe the last graf. Try it again.