Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Background Topic

I don’t have much of a back ground for weddings.   I was actually a flower girl when I was little but don’t remember much of it.   Last year I was in a wedding and I have to admit there was a lot about weddings that I didn’t know.  I knew that the bride had a bridal shower where she gets gifts from pots and pans to home décor.  I learned that the maid of honor is the one that usually throws the bridal shower for the bride.  I also learned that they have a rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner for everyone in the wedding party.   The two weddings I have been to have been totally different, one of them that I went to everyone was there long enough to eat and see the first dance and garter toss, and there was no dancing which I thought was a big part of a wedding.  The 2nd one I went to there was a lot of people and everyone ate and stayed for a long time to dance and have fun.   There is a lot of planning that goes into a wedding from which DJ to choosing   what kind of cake  you want.  

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  1. And go on--explain to your reader that you are about to be married, that you've decided on a certain kind of wedding.

    And do you have family stories or friends' stories about weddings? Is your sister's wedding relevant here?