Monday, September 19, 2011

Graf # 13

I read falling in love.  There were parts that I agreed with and there were parts that I disagreed with.  I agree dishonesty is a big problem in relationships.  There are times when people keep important things to their self’s because they know it would have a big impact on their relationship.  But at the same time it will bother them to keep it all in.   I also agree that every relationship starts off wonderful, going out all the time, getting butterfly’s every time you see each other.  I disagree  that it usually ends in pain.  I have been with my b/f for almost 7 years and am just as happy and in love now as I was when we first got together.  I have learned that in every relationship that you both have to work to keep the spark going.  

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  1. I'm glad the 'Falling in Love' got you agreeing and disagreeing both.