Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Outro Graf

So I finally figured out where to go to find all the answers to my questions.  It’s a website called The Knot.  The website is awesome it gives you wedding color ideas, example of flowers and cakes.  It also gives you ideas of songs for your first dance, cake cutting, and anniversary and even for when you throw the bouquet and garter.  The website even gives you vendors in your area.  The biggest thing that helped me was the checklist that they had on the website.  I was so overwhelmed with everything and was afraid I was missing important stuff that we needed.   I wish I would have found this website a lot sooner it would of  made wedding planning simple and helped me from stressing.   Next time a friend gets married I will be able give her ideas and tell her about the website and help keep her from stressing.  You only get married once and you don’t want to stress the whole time you want to enjoy it.   

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