Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Intro Graf #1

Three reasona why I chose to get married in October is fall is my favorite season.  I love the cool weather and beautiful colors of the leaves.  Another reason is my boyfriend was looking for a job out of state and it would have been hard and very stressful to plan a wedding and live out of state.   The last reason I chose a October wedding is because we had already been engaged for over a year and could afford to plan a wedding so we decided there was no better time.   

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  1. My comment on this is exactly the same as my comment on the colors version

    One place you will possibly find material for the outro is in the first graf, once you have a complete one. For example, if you wrote a little bit of description about your sister's wedding in graf 1 that might lead in the outro to describing your fiance's attitude toward the colors or to describing your dissatisfaction with some of what she did or something like that.