Friday, September 2, 2011

Graf #8

The Isearch paper I read was about a little boy that didn’t have a desire to talk.  They were concerned  that they weren’t doing everything that they need to help him verbally.  I  agree I would be concerned also if my almost three year old wasn’t talking much, but I also think that now a day’s people see all of these or kids talking and doing all kinds of stuff earlier than normal and think that there kid should be too.  Sometimes I think the parent’s try to hard to get them to talk, walk or whatever they want them to do that they don’t realize that they will do everything on their time and when they’re ready.   I have a friend that had the same problem except she wasn’t saying anything.  She had a little girl that was 2 ½ that wasn’t talking and everyone thought she should be.  She also brought her to the pediatrician and they told her the same thing that it wasn’t anything to worry about right now.  A lot of her problem was that she wasn’t around  little kids, she was alone with her grandmother all day and didn't hear a lot of people talking.    

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  1. Hard to learn to talk if no one around you is saying very much! Poor kid.