Saturday, September 24, 2011

What you already know about your isearch question

I have looked into where I can find a cheaper dress and I have found a couple of places that have some cheaper dresses, but when I mean cheaper I mean $ 50 cheaper.   Then I would have to travel an hour to get fitted every time it had to be done so in the long ride it was just as cheap to get one from the town I’m from and pay a little more.  Every wedding I have been to has had flower girls, but not all of them has had a ring barrier.  After looking at the average price that people pay for their wedding I’ve noticed that I should try to stay around $10,000.  I know it’s suppose to be a special day and you  only have one but I also believe that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to make it special.   

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  1. Is this stuff you knew before you did research? It sounds like part of your Answer section.

    What I Knew is what you knew or guessed or knew you needed to find out about your questions before you started research. Take a look at each question, repeat it here if you want, and explain what your knowledge was before research.

    But if what is here is what you already knew, then this is where it goes.